VSR e.V.

Verband der Servicefachkräfte, Restaurant- und Hotelmeister e.V.

about us

VSR e.V. - German Association of Masters and Professionals in Restaurant-Service and Hospitality. Established in 1979, we are one of the youngest gastronomical associations in Germany. Continually growing memberships show us, that we are on the right way and insert us as a young and modern association into the vocational landscape. With approximately 1800 members, we are among the biggest gastronomical associations in Germany. The structure of the association: 25% of our members are self-employed, 28% in leading positions and 37% are employees in restaurants and hotels. 10% of our members are trainees. With an average-age of 35 years, the majority of our members stands in the middle of their vocational career.

We all work there, where the heart of the gastronomy beats: with the guest!

What does the VSR achieve?

For companies:

We support companies by training and improving educating their employees.

For the trainers:

We relieve the personal contact to members of the exam committees of the chamber of commerce, so that the education can take place after the respective examination-criterions of the skilled worker - and masters exams.

For the employees:

Further education and/or qualification-conservation in their occupation.

For the trainees:

Beside school and business another possibility, to prepare themselves for the final examen. They experience, under which criterions examinations run out.

The VSR organizes own competitions for experts:

The German Junior championship restaurant, every two years. 
The German Junior championship hotel, every two years. 
The German championship of the service-experts in restaurant, every two years.
The topmost-endowed service-competition in Germany.
The VSR "panel cult": the competition for top display boards. Every four years during the IKA (Culinary Olympics, even years numbers).


Next date:

Show Dining Catering Trophy every two years (odd dates).

COUVERT D'OR: every two years (on even dates).